Kuala Lumpur, 5th September 2019 – Petaling BC officially announces their participation and their selected player line-up to participate in the 2019 Aeon Credit Purple League Junior.

The 5th annual tournament will take place across peninsular Malaysia starting in Ipoh on the 8th September at Ipoh for the first and second stage and will move down back to Kuala Lumpur for the remainder stages.

As a Division 1 club of the tournament, Petaling BC’s first match will be on 21st September at 9:00am against Kuantan Synergy BC, followed by the second match at 3:00pm against Cheras BC. Petaling BC will then face Bandar Maharani BC on 22nd September. All 3 matches will take place at Sports Arena Falim Ipoh, the home of Petaling BC.

Led by Chief Coach Ismail Saman with the assistance of Coach Joelle Ng, Petaling BC continues its tradition of fielding majority of its players from Petaling BC Academy in hopes to nurture the future generation of Badminton players for Malaysia, like it once did with Aaron Chia, Soh Wooi Yik, Chen Tang Jie, Man Wei Chong, Shia Chun Kang & Ian Wong. Completing the players roster are a select few BAM BJSS players, together with some homegrown talent and trainees.

Name Age Country
Par Tien Ann 18 Malaysia
Mohamad Hafiz bin Mohamed Sikkander 17 Malaysia
Matthew Teoh Shankar 16 Malaysia
Yee Sin Foong 17 Malaysia
Yong Jin Ren 18 Malaysia
Ooi Zhin Yang 18 Malaysia
Ooi Yi Hern 16 Malaysia
Dylan Ooi Ding Sheng 15 Malaysia
Myisha Khairul 17 Malaysia
Shabrina Aulia Yasmin 18 Indonesia
Gina Revina Aristy 17 Indonesia
Dyvylyn Saha bt Davincy Saha 18 Malaysia
Sofena Vikna 18 Malaysia
Ong Wen Hui 13 Malaysia
Ting Wen Xuan 15 Malaysia
Chong Ker Yie 13 Malaysia


Upcoming Tournament Schedule for Petaling BC

Purple League Junior
21/9/19          9:00am          vs Kuantan Synergy BC              Sports Arena Falim Ipoh
21/9/19          3:00pm          vs Cheras BC                                   Sports Arena Falim Ipoh
22/9/19          12:30pm       vs Bandar Maharani BC             Sports Arena Falim Ipoh
5/10/19          3:00pm          vs Amanjaya BC                             Challenger Sports Ampang
6/10/19          12:30pm       vs Ampang Jaya BC                      Challenger Sports Ampang
19/10/19       12:00pm       vs Bukit Cheras BC                       Sports Arena Sentosa
20/10/19       9:00am          vs Rawang BC                                 Sports Arena Sentosa
20/10/19       3:00pm          vs Kepong BC                                  Sports Arena Sentosa


About Petaling Badminton Club

Petaling Badminton Club was founded in 2011, at Sports Arena Sentosa in Old Klang Road. For more information regarding its ongoing activities, log on to: or


About Purple League Junior

The Malaysia Purple League was founded by Dato’ Jack Koh in 2014 as a platform in support of the Malaysian badminton scene while raising the standard of badminton proficiency and contributing towards creating future champions for the country. The league is thus named due to purple long being a symbolic colour associated with royalty, power, and courage.

It is an initiative that provides players of all levels, both professionals and amateurs, with an opportunity to gain invaluable competitive experience, and which concurrently engages retired national greats to guide and inspire a new generation of champions. Purple League Junior is played in a round-robin format.